Clinic for Anxiety, Trauma and Health-Related Stress
Clinic Location
Poole, Dorset, BH14 9LY
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 5PM - 8PM

We offer a unique service of joint psychological/ psychiatric assessment and treatment in Dorset. The treatment is tailored to the client's individual needs. We can see clients face to face or online.

Nicus and Lilian

What are the benefits of a dual assessment?

  • It provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their difficulties.
  • This includes a diagnosis and psychological formulation, which helps clients to choose the best treatment options
  • After the assessment we can provide both medication options and psychological therapy
  • If requested, we can provide feedback to our clients insurer or general practitioner

How does this work?

  • A joint initial assessment with a psychologist and psychiatrist
  • Follow up appointments are for  therapy sessions, with intermittent joint sessions for a medication review
  • We can also see clients individually if either treatment option (medication or therapy) is preferable
  • As clinicians, we meet on a regular basis to discuss our clients' progress and the best treatment options